After Market Plug

After Market Pump

Must rewire harness

OE Style Pump

   A used part is sold “as is” from a salvaged vehicle.  The part is stripped from the vehicle and sold in its existing condition.

    When a part is rebuilt, usually the component part that has failed is replaced or repaired.  A rebuilt component part will              resume its life where it left off and with only the failed component part replaced…

     In a remanufactured  part, each component of the unit is cleaned and inspected.  All component parts are checked and        brought back to original specifications where necessary.  Testing is performed to manufacturer’s specifications and original    product standards. When finished, a remanufactured part will function as well as a new unit and still cost you less than new.

Gas Tank Repair

Aftermarket Style Pump


   We Specialize in Remanufactured Fuel Pump Modules.

              What sets "remanufactured" above "rebuilt" and "used" parts?

                                  Remanufactured parts are much different then used or rebuilt parts

We also carry New OE style Fuel Pump Modules..

After market module

​OE Pump

OE Module

@ I Need A Fuel  We provides efficient, quiet, and long-lasting

Fuel Pumps Modules for practically any make and model of car on the road today..


Radiator  2015

Larger Pump

OE Gauge

Radiator Rich

Our OE style Fuel Pump Module

Smaller Pump

OE Plug

Their After market style Fuel Pump Module

We also carry New OE Style Fuel Pump Modules..

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  1. ​​​We use only OEM Cores (no aftermarket) to ensure perfect fit and performance.
  2. ​​All component parts are individually checked and qualified before assembly..
  3. All electrical connections are check for continuity..
  4. We test the resistance(ohms) of the gauge and Replace any worn out brushes..After assembly
  5. We test all Fuel Pumps for amp draw, fuel pressure,dead head pressure.
  6. We also test the pumps for fuel flow volume, back-flow valve operation, and any type of noises..


     If testing proves that your Fuel Module is faulty, Don’t pay the high price for a aftermarket replacement 

     when you can get an Remanufactured OE.(Original Equipment) Fuel Pump Module assembly for much less..

    I Need A Fuel ​​ ​All our Remanufactured Fuel Pump assemblies come with New OE and                        OE style Pumps.. and they are tested again before there are sold,  simulating actual operation conditions,

     using a special calibration fluid with the same viscosity as gasoline, ensuring elimination of dry start up, 

      a major cause of fuel pump failure..