​         We are Ohio Largest Suppler of Remanufactured and Recondition(OE) ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT  Fuel pump Modules..


       ​​​​1. Fuel Pressure..The pump is not delivering the right Fuel Pressure to the engine the engine may not start or run properly...

          Low Fuel Pressure can cause hard starting, a rough idle,hesitation and stalling.. 
 Fuel Flow.. A pump that can deliver the right fuel pressure,but not enough Fuel Flow may allow the engine start and idle normally.     

        But it will starve the engine for fuel and cause a loss of power... 
      3. Check Valve and Regulator.. Which maintains fuel pressure in the system when the pump is not running.

        If a check valve or a fuel pressure regulator is not holding fuel pressure it can cause hard starting...
Gages and Wiring..   A Fuel pump can have the right fuel pressure and the right fuel flow...

        But if the AMPS are too high the harder the pump has too work and  It can over heat and stop running.  
AMP Draw.. We check what we call the fingers,(float Assembly) the fingers can wear off 
and the gas gage on your dash board                   bounces around. We also check all wiring for any burned or broken wires..

OE. Fuel Pumps Modulesis what comes in all new cars and trucks, Not a generic After Market fuel pump.. The term After Market is often use for a non OE. parts..Instead of the vibrating hum that's usually associated with after market replacement Fuel Pumps   Real OE.Original Equipment pump are virtually silent after the engine has been turn on!  "Remember" Most after market fuel pumps modules come from china!!  OE. Original Equipment Fuel Pumps can be found on 92% of cars & trucks between 1997 and 2017..

Most After Market fuel pumps have a 1 year guarantee.

  Our OE Fuel Pumps Modulesare guarantee for 2 years, and the cost is about 40% less then a After market           Fuel Pump Module.


DON'T DRIVE YOUR CAR ...with less then 1/4 tank of gas because it increases the risk of momentarily starving the pump for fuel when cornering sharply,braking or accelerating.  

DON'T RUN OUT OF GAS!! It can damage a fuel pump starving it for cooling and lubrication causing the fuel pump to run hot. The hotter the pump runs, The sooner you will need a tow truck!! . .

All our Remanufactured OE. and Recondition OE. Fuel Pumps Modules are tested for...

We also carry New OE style Fuel Pump Modules..

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