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​​Fuel Pumps... Recondition...  Month Warrantee - $65.00 to  $95.00

Gastanks...New.. 5  Years Warrantee  Call for Pricing!

SAVE $10.00   use code RR0717

 Here's some of the Pumps we use!

Note> New Delco Pumps 2 year Warrantee..$165.00

  New and Remanufactured Fuel Pump and Gastanks.

*Good Only on Gastanks and Fuel Pumps*

​​​Fuel Pumps... Remanufacture... 1 Year  Warrantee --$75.00- $125.00

​​Gastanks... Repair..  Year Warrantee. All types of leaks!  $65.00 and Up.

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Radiator Rich

 Gastanks... Recondition.. 3 Year  Warrantee - $ 95.00 to $ 155.00

   77 Wood St  Downtown 

         Akron,Ohio 44303

              (330) 535-5353 


 Fuel Level Sensors... We Stock... (Fuel Gauge)  New and Recondition Year Warrantee - $ 35.00 to $65.00

Fuel Sending Units...New... 1 Year Warrantee $45 to $85

Fuel Sending Units...  Repair... The steel tubes & wiring  1  Year Warrantee.

Gas Tank Repair


Radiator Rich

Radiator Rich +

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Fuel Pumps... New... 1 Year  Warrantee. $125.00 

Fuel Module Tops... Repair...  (Broken or Rusty Tubes)   1 Year Warrantee $55.00 to $125.00      

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